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Lets Lease again, like we did last summer!

It's Thursday, the Snow is falling thick and fast and it's time for another fabulous edition of Life at Ward's Business is brisk today without being un-bearable so everyone is wearing smiles as wide as a Steelite oval plate! Mr G is composing tommorow's blog as we speak. He has been out several times to re-fill his inkpot and to sharpen his quill so i'm sure we all wait with baited breath for that to hit the site tommorow. For all the snow and cold weather we have been having, sales of bottle coolers and storage fridges apear to be the orders of choice at the moment. It's all remarkably good fun. Today though, we are going to talk a little bit about those marvellous people at Admiral Leasing. There are many benefits for business's considering leasing equipment from tax breaks to free coffee mugs, and choosing Admiral to do it is a wise choice. Brokering deals from as little as ?1000.00 for a single Glasswasher to ?100,000.00 for a full kitchen if anyone can do it Admiral can. Our account manager at Admiral is Big H. What she doesn't know about leasing isn't worth knowing and when she's not brokering deals galore for Wardscatering she can usually be found pimping round the streets of Middleton in her black Audi and abandoning work colleagues when they take too long in the chippy on a lunch time. She also talks funn-eh. Give them a whirl next time you are considering buying a new piece of equipment, you won't be dissapointed and you may get a good laugh too! Mr G in the hot seat tommorow so I shall bid you all good weekend and keep my fingers crossed that he doesn't let the side down tommorow. TTFN