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Life at Ward's

Many of our customers ask what exactly we do here at Ward's. So here's an introduction to the world of professional commercial catering equipment supplies. The company is run by Mr C. He likes golf, fast cars and driving his new forklift round the shiny new warehouse. Mr C comes in every day and ensures that the business of selling commercial catering supplies goes on. He has the final word on just about everything he finds out about. Mr C's second in command is Mr R who likes football, Silent Witness and making fun of Mr N's weight problem. He makes the day to day decisions that ensure we offer the most competitive prices possible, provide the best service to our customers and he also makes sure we don't all slope off to the pub at half past one. Mr H is our sales director and he directs sales all over the ruddy place. Sales here, sales there that's the way he rolls. He likes cricket, foreign travel (Lancashire) and Rice Krispie Squares. Mr H is first in last out every day and if there's something he doesn't know about crockery you DON'T NEED TO KNOW IT! Mr G is our schemer. He schemes. His hobbies include buying old cars, restoring old cars and reminiscing about the olden days before these new-fangled computer hingumys . If you need a kitchen designed or modified he's the man for the job. Several decades of experience and a superhuman knowledge of refrigerated equipment make him one of the most valuable members of our formidable team despite his phobic attitude towards any technology developed after the 1960's. Mr F is our engineer. He enjoys experimental vandalism on decomissioned equipment, computer games and annoying Mr R. Mr F. travels around our local customers repairing and servicing their equipment. He is a top flight diagnostician and has established faults with warewashing equipment by smell alone, true story. Mr K is our Large Equipment Delivery Expert. He likes repairing cars, spending time with his new baby daughter and driving his big van. He is a logistical expert and can manouver massive pieces of catering equipment through very small apertures. He is punctual and reliable and keeps the wheels on the business, literally. Mr S is our Sundries and Small Equipment Delivery Technician. He enjoys World of Warcraft, tinkering with computers and... computers. He is responsible for keeping all our local customers supplied with everything from chefs knives to toilet roll. Sam is the latest addition to the company and therefore deserves the shortest entry. Mr N is... me! I do this. I like games, food and sitting. I waste company time and money by writing rubbish like this. Then there's accounts. Tomorrow I'll tell you about a normal working day at Ward's