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Life at Ward's: Part 2

Okay you've met the team now let's live the dream. I shall diarise our day at Ward's today to give the reader/s an idea of what we do. I arrived at our new Clifton Moor site at about 08:40 to find Mr C, Mr S and Mr K already here. A cup of coffee and a natter with Mr S about the 4 day holiday he took to play the new World of Warcraft expansion later and I was ready to think about starting work at some point. Phone calls start at about 08:45 and continue thick and fast throughout the day. Mostly Mr R and Mr C deal with telephone enquiries. Mr G can be called into action if a customer has questions about obscure refrigeration equipment or anything produced pre-war. I try to assist customers on the phone, however I am usually bowled out by a question about ventilation, wattage, drainage, finance or anything that is not immediately obvious by looking at a product on the website. I therefore take a lot of messages and get someone more experienced / intelligent to ring the customer back. Then I performed one of my most important duties of the day. I went to get the milk. Readers would be surprised at the amount of milk we get through in the average day here at Ward's. Enough for at least 3 decent-sized rice puddings. Yet if Mr G is on holiday we only get through enough for 1 small yorkshire pudding. Odd. Mr R's droning baritone can be heard like white noise as he speaks to customers almost continuously throughout the morning. This is punctuated by Mr G poking his head out of his office and demanding to be informed when the sandwich van arrives. Mr C is in the warehouse shunting heavy catering and refrigeration equipment from the ground floor to our new 2000ftsq first floor. The occasional beeping of the reverse indicator is the only evidence of his presence. It is liberating to be in the employ of a man with so much confidence in his top-gun team that he can leave them to organise the sale of thousands of pounds of equipment without interference. It also makes it easier to hide mistakes from him. I occupy myself by changing the price of chefs knives in our website's sundries section and writing this. 11:40 THE SANDWICH VAN ARRIVES! This is a major highlight of the day and the only point (including during fire drills) at which any of our staff actually run. I have leftovers for lunch so I can stay sitting which as previously mentioned is one of my favourite activities. After the excitment of lunch Mr R goes into meetings with reps and other VIPs. Mr G comes into the main office to complain about computers and his poorly knee before returning to his own office to design a kitchen. Mr S is doing secretive things on the spare computer and we'll find out more about that later in the year. If you'll excuse me I'll crack on with the kitchen knives. 12:30 Mr F, our engineer, arrives with a burger. 12:54 More reps arrive, Mr R and Mr G are ensconsed in meetings. 13:24 Just finished my leftovers. What did Europeans eat before 1536? Imagine a world without potatoes. [shiver] 13:43 Mr R takes a call about pizza equipment. Pizza and kebab equipment is part of Ward's business that is really taking off. 14:13 Mr G complains about his knee for the four hundred millionth, six hundred and fourty thousandth eight hundred and twenty ninth time this hour. Yet he refuses to take paracetomol. 14:15 The reps are lined up in the foyer like aircraft above Heathrow during an elevated alert. They are talking to each other (probably comparing notes about how their customers always keep them waiting). 14:27 Mr K arrives back from delivering catering equipment. 14:29 Mr G seems unhappy with any blog entries referring to himself. Everyone else is enjoying them however so his request to be excluded has been overuled. 15:09 2 reps left. 15:25 1 rep left 15:30 0 reps remaining: Mission Accomplished: Game Over 15:56 This was a bad idea. There's very little to report. I have been handed some more work to do. [sigh] 16:27 Business as usual... this is getting to be an extremely boring read. 17:00 Goodnight!