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Light Up (as if you had a choice)

Hello all and welcome to Life at Ward's. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Ward's Catering has been a hive of activity of late. Lots and lots of phone calls, lots of reps, lots of customers coming in and so on. I have been attempting some website work but every time I get involved in a task the phone will ring and I'll just HAVE to answer it to find out what fascinating piece of catering equipment or refrigeration is required or requires fixing. Then after the excitement of that... well I just can't settle back down into my boring old life of data inputting, how could anyone expect me to? They couldn't. Today I have raised the prices of Hoshizaki Ice Makers, I have changed some Churchill Crockery prices (but nowhere near enough and have a long long way to go). I have sold a WB2 Steam / Water Boiler a PST6 Parry Stand and a WM7SS Boiler. All thrilling. The weather is spectacular outside my little barred window. I am looking forward to going swimming this evening on my way home. Although I am still very stiff from my last session so I am not sure how far I'll get. The only problem with swimming is the fact that the very first thing I want upon rising from the waters is a cigarette. If I am snorkelling off the back of a yacht the first thing I do after climbing back onboard is light up... was... was. The first thing I did... after climbing back onboard... :-( smoking.JPG Notice the Ward's Tee Shirt (this was several years before I was in their employ!)