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Lincat EB3F, DF66, DF33 etc etc

Morning all. It's 22nd February 2012 (already) and we're working away like busy little beavers here at Ward's Catering. It's been a busy time for everyone in the office and on the road. We've revamped our telephone system, we've upgraded the Electrical Engineer's van from a non-functioning vehicle to a functioning vehicle, we've changed all the prices online with the manufacturer's new price lists, we've added all their new products (including the Lincat Opus OE7013 and OE7014 Heavy Duty Induction Hobs, the Parry S2H and S4H Electric Hob units and the Parry Folding Stainless Steel Centre Tables.

All this annual product addition means that, without constant vigilance on our part our website can become confusing for the customer. Too much choice can be worse than too little. Therefore I have updated every single piece of catering equipment and refrigerated equipment on our website so that the NAME section includes the product code. Where it once said "Lincat Auto Fill Water Boiler", it now says "Lincat EB3F Water Boiler".

This will help to differentiate between the "Lincat EB3F Water Boiler" and the "Lincat EB3F/PB FilterFlow Automatic-Fill Water Boiler (Push Button)". Easier for everyone.

With regard to water boilers I have just sold one of the NEW Instanta MF20 Manual Fill Water Boilers.

The lady who purchased it said that she "liked the safety features" which is why she was willing to pay the extra for it (as opposed to something like the Burco C20STHF). Very wise when the boiler is going somewhere like a village hall and anyone can use it.