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Lincat Parry SALE!

So the story continues. has for about the last 36 hours been the cheapest purveyor of Lincat ® and Parry ® catering equipment in the universe (or so we hope). Have our sales of Lincat gone up? Not really. Have our sales of Parry gone up? Not really.

Don't get me wrong, we have sold some stuff, but NOT because we were the cheapest. I personally sold two ladies a Parry 1862 electric twin basket fryer (2 x 3kW) yesterday because their exisiting gas fryer had caught fire and they needed one in a hurry.

I also sold a Lincat LCO convection oven to a company who were replacing an existing convection oven and who have dealt with us before. Sales like this come through no matter what the price. Next week we shall see what effect our monster price change has made.