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There was a time, many moons ago, when a catering equipment supplier such as Ward's could set their prices with impunity. They would set their prices and their local customer would come and look around their showrooms and buy the equipment suggested to them. Luckily this is 2010AD and such business practices are no longer viable. The discerning customer can read reviews of equipment online and choose the perfect model for their needs. They can then shop around on the net and find the best price from the most reputable company and have their kit delivered the next day.

The global marketplace which is piped into every office means that competition is fierce and the customer is king (or queen). To this end... we have reduced the prices of our Lincat ® catering equipment! We were already cheap... but now we're cheaper and hopefully the cheapest! You, the customer, are controlling our business practices and that is exactly how it should be in a free market. Oh, don't get me wrong, our work does not begin and end with lowering our prices. Box shifters we are not! We are dedicated and educated catering equipment specialists. Mr G sits in his office radiating knowledge on all things refrigerated.

Mr C knows more about crockery and sundries than an encyclopedea of crockery or sundries. Mr R can field any and all questions about electrical and gas powered catering equipment and my personal speciality is pizza ovens and kebab equipment. We can recommend, we can advise and if we don't know then we can research. We may be cheap, we should be the cheapest but we are still the best.