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Liveried Deliveries

I was unable to drive my van home last night (no I haven't crashed another one, touching wood, crossing fingers etc etc). I had to drive Mr F's van (the engineer wagon) loaded with catering equipment.

I had to make three drops on the way home and one on the way in. The first was some sundries to a large company in Malton (I had a little trouble getting a signature because no one wanted to take responsibilty for the goods). The second was a BM7BW Lincat wet heat gastronorm bain marie to a little pub nearby.

I also had to collect some dosh for a gas hose they had recently had off us. Then I drove to a lively little pub / eatery on the very edge of the North York Moors and delivery a Hobart Glasswasher. Then I went home and had an early night.

Bright and early this morning I set off for Bridlington and then searched high and low for the correct building to which I was supposed to deliver a C4LU Parry Heat Lamp Display. I had to collect dosh for this and then I drove back here to HQ. Meanwhile Mr F has taken my little van to Ilkley to repair a glasswasher. Busy busy bees all.