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Marine Refrigeration

For all you boat owners out there, whether your tub is a yacht, motorboat, fishing boat, canal boat or aircraft carrier, the time for boat maintenance is rapidly approaching. You've enjoyed your craft over the summer, pounded her through some heavy seas and probably broken a few bits and pieces off. What does your pride and joy need to make her ship shape and Bristol fashion? New shackles and sheets? New Canvas? A coat of paint or varnish? Ward's Catering can't help with any of that. However, if your boat needs a new fridge or freezer we can! We supply a wide range of marine spec refrigerated equipment and can almost certainly recommend a unit that will fit your boat perfectly. What's the point in owning a boat if, whilst sailing her, you have to drink warm beer? How are you going to persuade your wife and her friends to spend a weekend at sea if the wine isn't chilled to the correct temperature and the cheese goes off? Unthinkable. Make sure your marine fridge is up to scratch.

We can also supply certain other pieces of catering equipment on marine electrical supplies, so if you're running a commercial catering operation on your vessel give us a call and we may be able to help.

Happy sailing.