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Masterchef: The Professionals

The series is over and whatsisface won...

I enjoyed this season of Masterchef the Professionals (if you ignore the poor performance of the local guy who went out in his first round).

Adam was a firm favourite to win in our house, right up until the last episode, (when his interview put us off him), but the winner... I want to say Steven?... stole the final show. I still think Scott from St Andrews, (who could possibly be Peter Kay in disguise), deserved to win overall. He was just bulletproof from start to finish. Unlucky Scott.

More importantly though, which pieces of commercial catering equipment were being used?

You will all have spotted the KitchenAid mixers being used every time there was a cake to be baked. We thank the Great British Bake-Off for their rising popularity (coupled with the fact that they're awesome of course).

The vacuum packers which the cameramen insisted on zooming in on every time they were used so that we were treated to the satisfying schwwwwooocchh of the air being sucked out of a bag of cucumber every five minutes.

The water baths got constant use, since apparently sous vide is the new way to cook (not sure about this myself having never eaten anything that's been water bathed.

Lots of tiny little pans, in which the chef's would lovingly and repeatedly baste their proteins in hot butter with a spoon. Very French.

The blast chillers. What did posh kitchens do before the blast chiller? How did they cope? Every episode was a blur of sweaty chefs sprinting to and from the kitchen to, what can only be described as, the foyer, depositing their creations in and collecting them from the blast chillers. In the penultimate episode Adam was royally let down by the blast freezer which couldn't cope with the unusually high ambient temperature and failed to harden his mint sorbet. Dessert ruined. (I was happy to see that it wasn't a Foster blast chiller).

Finally, the combination ovens. Rational as a rule, (and why not, they're the best after all). These things are a miracle and the sooner every commercial kitchen has one, the better the world will be. Fact.