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Meeting of the Minds

Afternoon all and welcome back to another edition of Life at Ward's. As I sit with my back to the big chiefs office I can hear the occasional peel of masculine laughter eminating from a meeting between Mr R, Mr G and Mr N (a rep from a well-known refrigeration manufacturer).

Perhaps a bawdy joke has just reached it's hilarious conclusion, perhaps a golfing anecdote involving a pidgeon, perhaps a well honed razor sharp witticism about one of our competitors has struck the rep's funny bone... or perhaps he is just humouring Mr G. Anyway, whilst the cat's away the mice continue to work diligently.

I have written up a long quote this morning and another for Mr G this afternoon. I have also massively slashed the price of the Lincat DF66 Fryer and the Lincat EB3F Water Boiler to bring us in line with one of our competitors.