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Merry Xmas

We at Ward's Catering wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our offices will now be closed until 2nd January 2014, (although emails and phone messages may be monitored). We're quiet this morning, having done just about everything we can for our customers. Our engineer is tearing around the county repairing last-minute breakdowns in an effort to ensure that everyone has their kit working for that Christmas Dinner frenzy. You can almost guarantee that, if you buy or use a piece of commercial catering equipment that is not suitable for the purpose or is not heavy-duty enough for the job, it will break down at the worst possible moment. This is because they are ALL the worst possible moments. For example, if you get your Robot Coupe Ice Cream Machine out and set it going and the gears strip and it stops working, you NEEDED to make that ice cream right then and there, (otherwise why would you have got it out?) The worst possible moment for an ice cream machine, (or any piece of equipment), to break down is when you NEED to use it, but if you didn't NEED to use it, it wouldn't have broken down. Quod erat demonstrandum.

What should we take away from this investigation into Murphy's Law? You should always buy your commercial catering and refrigerated equipment from Ward's Catering. The reasons for this are numerous:

  • We sell all equipment with full manufacturer's warranties
  • We have fully qualified engineers and installers in the local area
  • We NEVER under-spec a piece of equipment, (we would rather lose a sale than sell a customer a piece of inferior equipment).
  • We have close working relationships with all our suppliers and can SOMETIMES call in a favour to get you back up-and-running as soon as possible.
    We have a formidable combined total years experience and each staff-member has their own field of expertise.
  • We keep a large warehouse fully stocked and can usually dispatch equipment on a next-day delivery service.
  • We keep our equipment prices as low as possible, in the (substantiated) belief that a happy customer will return and spend more.

We are Ward's Catering and we wish you a: