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Microwaves come in collections of three

Hello again folks, twice in one day, you are lucky people. Just a quick note about microwaves. I am not a massively experienced catering equipment salesman. I know which way round a fryer goes (the handles point into the kitchen).

I know the difference between a Bain Marie and a Terrine Mould (although I don't actually know what a terrine is). I know, also, that Lincat and Parry equipment are essentially the same thing. Like two famous cola manufacturers. Onemay be slightly better than the other... but it can depend on the individual product. Microwaves.... micrwaves are a different kettle of fish entirely.

What makes a good commercial microwave? The same as makes a good television? In which case... is it worth paying the money for the very best? They all come with decent warranties. I just sell what I'm told to sell when it comes to microwaves. I know nothing. I dread the day when a customer asks me the difference between a Sanyo and a Samsung.