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Middle of the Week Blues.

It's wednesday morning and the frequent powercuts we are suffering here at Ward's may result in this edition of Life at Ward's taking a long time to write. I forsee that every time I get near to completing it my screen will momentarily go black and then restart sans blog entry.

My father used to suffer from this when writing legal documents at home (which he never saved as he was going along) and he would invent new swear words when it happened. I was expecting a call from a lady in Dorset this morning. She called yesterday desperate for a double door upright fridge. I finished the call at 17:10 last night and she took some convincing that no one would be able to get a fridge to her for the next day.

I did quote for delivery on a True T35 and also a T49 Thursday and installation and removal of the old refrigerator and she said she'd be back to me first thing this morning. Maybe she found one somewhere else.

This seems to be the way my quotes are going at the moment. I quote and quote like a Shakespearian thespian at a dinner party and yet no sales are coming back. This can only mean one thing. I am too expensive. I must do a big price comparison spreadsheet and find out where we are falling short.