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Milky Milky

Good morning to all from everyone here at Ward's Catering There is a mystery today. Join us in trying to solve it. It was revealed this morning that yesterday those of who partook in a cup of tea or coffee were using goats milk rather than the more traditional cows milk. I didn't notice any difference and neither did anyone else. It was only when Mr H smelled the milk in our coffee this morning that the mistake was revealed. Who bought the goats milk? Was it deliberate? I purchased one 2-pint carton of milk from Tesco yesterday (which it turns out was cow). Mr G bought a couple of cartons of milk the day before and we are unsure as to what they were. Was a goats milk mixed in with the cows? Who knows. Suffice to say that I feel mildy nauseated and am going to check the label thoroughly before pouring. You may ask "but you didn't notice the difference so why do you care?" Well after Mr G explained the average goats toilet habits I am not keen on repeating the error. In other news Mr R is back and had a nice day off. Mr G is in a jolly mood (I give that about 20 minutes). Mr H busy working away. I am now on to the kitchen knife sets. Mr K is on holiday. Mr S is out delivering locals and Mr C isn't coming in today.