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Monday Mourning

Yes it's that time of the week again folks. The longest possible time before a weekend. [Insert sad face here]. Still at least I get to enjoy a week in the world of catering equipment and refrigeration supply in the meantime. I had a tiring weekend. On Saturday I went into town with my better half and argued about curtains (very pointless). Then we went shopping in Tesco and had to leave a full trolley of merchandise with customer services because we had transfered money into the wrong account and had no money to pay for it (emabarrassing). Then we went home and watched what could be the greatest TV show ever. It's called Total Wipeout or something and you need literally NO BRAIN to enjoy it. It basically involves young people being hit in the face by padded obstacles and knocked into a swimming pool. Doesn't get much better than that. I then baked a birthday cake for my better half's offspring. A Scooby Doo cake in fact. It took me until one in the morning and, in order to display what a waste of time that was, please see photo below: If you like the look of this cake please see the recipe below: 500g Caster Sugar 375g Self Raising Flour 125g Cocoa Powder 500g Margerine 10 Eggs Cream the margerine and sugar together until fluffy, then add the eggs one at a time and beat into the mixture with a little flour and cocoa powder, during the process it's important to raise the electric beater from every now and again to see how far it can fling the mixture across the kitchen (once it sticks to the fish tank it's ready for the oven). Bake in 2 x greased 9" square tins. (insert a thin kitchen knife into the centre of each cake and hold it against your upper lip, if it burns enough to make you swear the cakes are done). Leave to cool on cooling trays. Cut the top off the lower cake with a bread knife and make it flat. Liberally smear choclate butter icing (50g margerine, 100g icing sugar, 4 tspn cocoa powder) on top of this cake and then place upper cake on top (like a big chocolate sandwich). Then make even more butter icing (approximately 4 x as much as before) and cover the cake (after placing it on a cake board, or in my case a tray covered in foil). Draw your design on top and serve with six birthday candles and wait for the birthday girl to announce that it doesn't look anything like Scooby Doo. Then on Sunday we had the party and I was in bed by 21:30hrs and asleep by 22:30hrs. Never again (I wish). More tomorrow