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More Skool Daze

Psssst Friday pretending to be Sunday on BHW. Not selling any catering equipment, commercial refrigeration, medical or pharmaceutical refrigeration or catering sundries because when you read this I'll be on weekend. So what about Mr C's cruelist moments at school? Well one springs instantly to mind. One he would rather forget, one he would really not want me to mention on here.

It happened in German, these things so often did. There was a girl, I don't remember her name, Mr C might (he certainley should), and she was off for weeks, months even. It turned out she had an eating disorder (one of the ones that makes you thin, not like mine). Anyway, this poor child, thin as a stick she was, finally returned to school and I think her first lesson was German.

She sat at the desk in front of mine and Mr C's (he'll be cringing now with shame and so he should be) and this poor waif turned around and asked us an innocent question such as: "Where are we up to in the textbook?" or something. Mr C's reply was one that still echoes through time with cruelty and venom. I shall write it here (with some censorship) Poorly Child: "Where are we up to in the textbook?" Mr C: "Turn round and f**k off you fat bi*ch!" Unbe - bruddy - lievable you may think, and you would be right. That's how we rolled back in the day.