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New White Van Man

Hello all. Welcome to Life and Ward's. I didn't blog yesterday due to being very busy answering approximately one billion phone calls. What a busy day. Still it would appear that in the current economic climate it is forbidden to complain about your job or being busy and bloody good job too if you ask me.

When I worked in casinos I always used to say that I preffered it when it was dead quiet and people always disagreed with me shouting "It drags when it's quiet and it flys by when it's busy!" This may have been true for them, and even for me, however I didn't work the tables, I sat and read books and watched films and played Delta Force and Commandos on my laptop and created mammoth powerpoint presentations recreating the trench run from star wars and bits from Saving Private Ryan.

I read New Scientist every week and PC Zone every month. I manufactured crossbows and crazy golf courses from stationery and the fact that the night was long meant my life wasn't flying past in a blur and that I could savour every moment (and the muffins). Of course the job was horrible in many respects, the violence, the abuse, the pity felt for the sad addicts who used to zombie shuffle their way in every night.

However there's no getting around the fact that mainly it was incredibly easy and, apart from the times when stupid people threw stuff at me, could be relaxing and enjoyable. This job, here, now, this one that I'm doing now also has it's own bonuses and drawbacks. Drawbacks are dealing with some companies who's customer care leaves a little to be desired. Bonuses, working for a cool boss who just replaced ANOTHER van! The new model is a Corsa 1.3CDTi in white. Drives like a dream, looks awesome, proper job.

I have been told this is my last for a while and this is thoroughly understandable. I shall drive it like a nun crossed with a learner crossed with an instructor crossed with a policeman crossed with a snail. Slow and careful. I shall never overtake (even on dual carriageways unless there's no one else but me and the car in front visible for over a mile in both directions).

The van will deliver thousands of tons of catering equipment, commercial refrigeration, sundries, crockery, glassware, cutlery and utensils. Or I shall resign and emmigrate. Or die. There is an underground sweepstake going on here and some of the more humourous (and nasty) employees are giving it 6 months.