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Newsagents wanted, apply Clifton Moor!

Good day one and all and welcome to todays thrilling and informative edition of Life at Ward's. The weekend has passed but a couple of well placed post's by Mr N have quenched the thirst of even the most avid of readers. Mr N has in fact just called in for a flying visit on his way back to Scarborian land and, as always, he introduced a flash of warmth and good humour to the office. We had a time at Ward's old HQ, usually around 3pm, when we used to one by one visit the newsagents across the street. Thirsts were slaked and mid afternoon energy levels were boosted by the application of sugar. It kept one and all happy. Whilst moving to our new future proof, 21st century, state of the art complex has undoubtedly improved not only our working life but our ability to despatch goods faster it has not improved our ability to snack. What we Clifton Moor-ites need is a Newsagent. Mr R could buy his daily newspaper again without having to visit Tesco and I could be working my way through a freshly purchased bag of Midget Gems as I type. As it is, it is something we are having to do without. I hereby lay down a challenge to any budding Newsagents....... Come to Clifton Moor - There are sweeties to be sold! Sales of commercial catering equipment and refrigeration have been particularly brisk today, Valera serve over counters, Parry water boilers, the ubiquitous Burco products and an Instanta WB2 have all left our newly swept warehouse. Now if we can just get someone to shut the warehouse door after them, we'd all be happy bunnies. I must also at this time congratulate Mrs S and Miss N, 2 of the tantalising Lincat three, on completing their 10k charity run on Sunday. I understand Miss N's time of 1hr 11mins is just outside the olympic qualifying times but is still infinitely faster than I could run it. Next up the Great North Run apparently! Ciao!