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(not) SMOKING!!

Mr N back at the helm. Wearing my skippers cap. Pull in that main sheet, fend off that flotsam and get me a beer from the fridge! I AM RETURNED! I had a very nice 2 weeks off on paternity leave. We had several people come to visit and we had to parade the newborn around North Yorkshire showing him off. I have erected the pram, the car seat, the moses basket stand and the swinging chair of doom. I have done mucho erecting. We also started behaving like adults and looking into mortgages and property and stuff. It's really tedious and quite soul destroying when you walk into a bank and say something like "Hi I'd like to discuss mortgages" and their eyes narrow and they start hammering a hidden alarm button before pushing you out of the door with an 11 foot pole (they won't touch you with a 10 foot one). We found a great property that we decided to buy before even looking inside and then found out that someone had already snagged it. SO CLOSE! Anyway, I am back now so I had better get my gameface on. There are prices to change, there is catering equipment to sell. There is refrigerated equipment to flog and there are sundries hock. All of this has to be accomplished without the aid of tobacco (I am currently chewing on an inhaltor which tastes of... well let's not discuss what it tastes of. I have ordered an e-cigarette off the internet and I am so incredibly excited about it's arrival that it may impair my job performance). Thanks to Mr C for maintaining Life at Ward's in my absence.