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O.... M.... G!

Okay 2 things:

1: I know I haven;t posted for a while

2: I wrote off another Ward's van! Let's deal with issue

Please find below the insurance report which I think should exonnerate me of any blame. I was driving the White Fiesta (Reg. X939 DDW) in a westerly direction along the dual carriageway section of the A64 known as the Malton Bypass. Traffic was light and I overtook a couple of slow-moving vehicles before cresting the bridge over the River Derwent. As I continued in the outside lane, I saw, in the inside lane, a bronze coloured car (Reg. R135HTC) behind a large vehicle. As I approached I saw that the larger vehicle was a tractor (Reg. NX55 HHS) and it was pulling a trailer loaded with wooden planking.

The bronze car made no effort to overtake this tractor and I slowed down slightly from about 70mph to about 65mph to give it more chance. After several seconds I caught up with the pair of vehicles and the bronze car (which I now saw was a Fiat Punto) still made no attempt to overtake the tractor. I accelerated to pass the pair and as I came almost level with the rear of the Punto it steered into the outside lane directly in front of me without indicating. I immediately performed an emergency stop, my front wheels (which had recently had new tyres) locked and I skidded.

I steered my vehicle into the space recently vacated by the Punto in the inside lane, hoping that the extra room created there would prevent a collision. Unfortunately the tractor (which, it was later discovered by police attending the scene, did not have a tailboard displaying brake or reverse lights on the trailer) was travelling more slowly than I estimated (whether it braked or not I can not know since it had no visible brake lights) and I collided with the trailer at the right hand rear.

The rear end of my car spun into the outside lane, my airbag deployed and the car came to a stop. The Fiat Punto drove on for about 200 yards before stopping on the verge. The two occupants came running back and I accused them of pulling out straight in front of me. They said that they realised this and that they were sorry.

They asked me if I was injured because they were student doctors. Then they suggested that our insurance companies may be able to handle the situation without calling the police. I called the police from my mobile phone. Now, again, this has little to do with the actual supply of catering equipment, refrigeration, sundries or anything of that ilk. However it was a Ward's van, I was on my way to Ward's and I had just delivered some teapots.