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Ward' Catering are, as the name suggests, specialists in commercial catering equipment. However commercial catering equipment is not just used in kitchens, pubs, restaurants, cafes and clubs. We get strange requests on an almost daily basis. I have recently spoken to a lady who wants to breed mosquitos for medical research using Shallow Food Trays. When I asked her if the mosquitos ever escaped (or actually warned her to keep them securely locked up because otherwise they would escape and spread a virus that would turn everyone into zombies like in "the films") she said that the little blighters were always escaping and biting her. Not particularly confidence inspiring. Then I spoke to a woman who wanted to boil aircraft in a tea urn. Although she wanted some sort of giant tea urn specifically design for boiling aircraft (or aircraft parts at any rate). Alas we were, in that instance, unable to help her, although we gave the matter the benefit of our considerable collected intelligence. One lady, I shall name no names here to avoid any embarrassment, wanted to boil copious amounts of wool in a boiler. We decided (with Mr H's assistance) that the best method would be to use electric griddles on a small raised platform with the wool boiled in stewpots on top. This has yet to be tested. It's sometimes enjoyable to be challenged with an unusal request and makes a change from the constant barrage of fridges, freezers and cookers. So please, if you need your clowns basting, your tyres frying, your clocks baking or your knees icing please get in contact with us and we'll see what we can do.