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Oh how the worm turns!

Stupid am I? Idiot am I? Unintelligent am I? Ha! At least when I publish a spreadsheet it isn't riddled with mistakes and duplications. Unbelievable! I am not in the best mood today.

Another of our suppliers kept me on hold for ages today then hung up on me. Then when I rung back I was transferred to a dead phone, then I was transferred back to the receptionist about.... a billion times. Finally they admitted that there was no one there to help me.

This was after I had been tranferred into a room where there was a presentation taking place and I had to wait for the bouts of applause to die down before the man on the other end could tell me that I'd got the wrong number. Takes the proverbial.

Mr R has gone home early because he's off to Newcastle like... for the footy like! Mr A has gone home early because he is off on his hols tomorrow. Mr F is still on his hols... it's quiet. Catering equipment? Oh... dunno, let me think.

Sold some fabrication, sold an E311 with stand... sold erm... some fridges and stuff. You know the usual. It's been a quietish sort of a week. Let's hope it's back to it's red-hot full-tilt maximum pace next week.