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On and on

Then we moved. To an old station in the countryside near York. Many memories come flooding back to me when I think of that house and it's garden. Tree houses and orchards, rockeries and ponds, cats scared of trains and rabbits scared of cats. Archery on the main lawn and croquet round the back, cricket stumps as weapons and badminton over the washing line. Bicycle maintainence and building a sledge (which weighed almost as much as a car and merely sank into the snow). Ice hockey on the pond and beer can mountains. Amiga 500 games such as Speedball 2, Turrican 2, Supercars 2, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Miami Chase, Test Drive 2, Alien Breed, Midnight Resistance, Mercenaries. We used to live every day as if it were an Enid Blyton adventure, placing coppers (coins not the peelers) on the railway tracks and lying low as the trains crushed them and sent them flying in all directions like shrapnel from nail bomb. Wading down streams and rivers just to see where they went. Travelling across fields rather than down roads simply because it offered the possibility of being chased by farmers. Stockpiling beer in underground caches, lighting fires and developing ever more ingenious ways of injuring ourselves and others... hang on I'm not finished... and yet there's so far been no mention of catering equipment or of refrigerators or freezers or multidecks or griddles or wall grills or bottle coolers... this is getting stranger and stranger