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On with the rest.

Despite the sweaty heaving masses and the queues I still loved the N.H.M and after we plopped out of the door and back into Kensington we decided to walk to Buckingham Palace (because the young 'un wanted to see it). So we had a lovely stroll through Kensington and Chelsea stopping off at a MacDonalds (MacDonalds in London, just call me Burnside) to feed the urchin, until it started hailing. Then we ran into a Blacks to see if cheap umbrellas, gloves or waterproofs could be purchased in their sale... turns out not. Buckingham Palace was, as usual, a sight to behold and bigger than I remember. We tubed back to the river (by this time we had the system down cold. Upon approaching an escalator I would detach the car seat section of the pram like an ejector seat and hand it, and the baby contained within, to other half. I would then carry the base of the pram up the escelator and we would both shepherd the other tike) and then walked across Tower Bridge, with it's tantilising aroma of roasting nuts, and caught a bus for the last mile down Jamaica Road. I drove to the nearest Pizza Hut and collected commestibles. We watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on DVD and went to beddy byes. The next morning we got up late (I got up late) and we decided that London Zoo was a treat that could be saved until our next visit. We instead decided to go to the London Aquarium... and to hear more about this thrilling experience as well as the rest of our London adventure and maybe even some news about catering equipment, commercial refrigeration, medical refrigeration, sundries, service or spares; tune in tomorrow!