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Onwards to Bath!

Hello all, welcome to Life at Ward's. Gutentag wilkommenst du Life at Ward's. Eyup chuck, reet grand Life at Ward's, or something. We got off the train at Bath Spa and toddled down the ramp to street level in mild drizzle. We walked up Manvers Street towards the weir. This is always a welcome sight, the centre of Bath really is a very nice place and I am always impressed by it. We wandered around drinking in the sights and popping in and out of shops (the shopping in bath seems to have improved tenfold since my last attempt). Then we went for lunch (subway) and walked up to The Circus and The Crescent. Both as spectacular as ever. We stood and admired the houses and hotels and dreamed of what it would be like to have money, I mean really have money, to the extent that you didn't ever have to think about it. Then, slightly depressed we headed back to the train. The more observant of you may have noticed that the above has absolutely nowt to do with catering equipment, commercial refrigeration, catering sundries, medical or pharmaceutical refrigeration or the servicing and repair of any of these things. So what has actually happened in the world of catering equipment, commercial refrigeration, catering sundries and medical and pharmaceutical refrigeration? Not a lot. I changed the category names and icons for back bar coolers on the website .