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Open Brackets, Brackets, Close Brackets

Dear Life at Ward's readers, I made a boo boo. One thing we pride ourselves on here at Ward's Catering is admitting mistakes if we make them. For example the boss ordered 20 sinks a while ago and they were ALL wrong.

After scrabbling around trying to find fax transmissions and emails and order confirmations and establishing beyond reasonable doubt that he indeed had dropped the ball... he ordered some more sinks and put the wrong ones on a clearance price tag. I dropped the ball by not including some wall brackets for a GR3 Lincat Electric Wall Grill.

Unfortunately the customer was NOT happy and I have since had to reap the whirlwind. Mistakes are made all the time here at Ward's Catering, however the proof of a companies reliablity is not in not admitting their mistakes but in resolving the problems caused by them as quickly and painlessly for the customer as possible.