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Pizza Pizza Pizza proud sponsors of Ward's Catering

Hi, welcome one and all to Life at Ward's the up-to-the-minute record of life in the catering and refrigeration equipment mileu.

As has been previously stated in this publication (is publication the right word for a media that anyone can produce and is not distributed in any way?) I am now considered the grand master of all things pizza oven oriented.

I have enjoyed pizza for many years, Pizza Hut is one of my favourite places and supermarket deep base pizzas one of my favourite easy-to-cook foods. My mother also used to make her own special brand of pizza with a base so crisp that you had to wear safety goggles lest you lose an eye from an errant shard. Never, in all my years eating pizzas and pizza based products did I imagine that I would reac the heady heights of actually being able to SELL pizza ovens and dough mixers.

But look at me now Ma! I have yet to sell an impinger pizza oven (which are apparently the best conveyor ovens around), I have had two possible impinger sales but both have slipped through my grasp. Next time. Third time's a charm. In the meantime I shall continue to enjoy eating pizzas and selling the equipment with which they are produced.