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Points of View

Hello Life at Wards reader/s. It has been reported that my blogging is nowhere near as amusing as Mr C's blogging. One of our readers (I shall name no names) thinks I am just a stupid moron and that Mr C is "more intelligent," than me " a factor of billions". Well Mr C aims to please and I am too stupid to know what aiming or pleasing is. I shall, however, endevour to overcome my almost crushing disappointment and continue to keep this blog up to date. I'm sorry will you please excuse me for a couple of moments, I can no longer see the screen through my tears... ...Oh they taste so bitter! I was only trying to entertain.... Why must people be so cruel... I was only attempting brevity... Anyway what about catering equipment? Well dear reader/s I am currently in the middle of doing graphical hingumys for a new section of the website. This section will be all about Rational Combination Ovens. I am unfortunately a little too busy to spend 4 hours bashing out amusing prose so that I can impress a certain female literary critic from a certain company who could just f... [CENSORED] Mr C here. Mr N has resigned his position as blog writer & editor and I will be taking over from here on.