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Good morning "Life at Ward's" readers. It's another busy day. I have already written a quote for a Combination Oven. Now Combi Ovens are things we like quoting for, because they're big and expensive and never break down. Customers NEVER ring up and say they're not happy with a combination steamer oven. They do ring up and ask for another sometimes because they're so good. Now if you were to ring Ward's Catering and ask us for a quote and then ring someone else like or or any of our competitors and they were able to give you a lower price you might be tempted to ring us back and ask if we could match their price and, may i say, that would be a very wise strategy because 9 times out of 10 we would! Then we'd probably revise our website prices to ensure that we remained competitive. We have been one of the leading suppliers of commercial catering equipment and refrigeration in the UK for many many years and it is extremely important to us that we remain so. Providing the best possible equipment and service at the lowest possible prices is our primary aim here at Ward's Catering and, in order to do this, we do occasionally need customers to tell us where we're going wrong. That does not mean that we need thousands of people of beating on the doors, yelling down the phone and emailing maniacally to berate us for eight hours a day, but the occasional heads up on a competitors price or a complaint about slow after-sales service keeps us on our toes. So what else has been happening here at Ward's Catering? Well Mr H delivered my Christmas pudding to my desk and I look forward to tucking into that. Mr K has gone to Harrogate delivering large equipment on his own (even though he was offered assistance), it never fails to amaze us how he can squeeze a multideck or a serve-over into a shop and up a step all by himself. Mr R is rested and ready for action. Mr S is busy doing something I know nothing about. Mr G is occupied with several different schemes and is whistling cheerfully. Mr C isn't in yet. Mr F is out and about repairing and servicing electrical catering equipment. So it's pretty much business as usual. I am STILL revising kitchen knife prices and then it's on to utensils.