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Religion and Politics

Hello all and welcome back to Ward's Catering. Everyone knows that one should not talk about religion and politics in polite company.

The reasons for this are obvious, if you are at a dinner party (possibly eating food prepared on a Parry P6BO or served on Steelite crockery) and you begin expounding your ideas and ideals on these two perilous subjects and everyone else around the table has the diametrically opoposing views it can lead to some stoney silences and possibly even murder in library with the lead pipe. Here at Ward's we pride ourselves on our tolerance.

No matter what your race, religion or political opinion we'll sell you the very best catering equipment for your purposes. We have sold to churches, mosques, temples, political clubs, semi-secret societies and provided outdoor LPG equipment for political rallies and demonstrations. No matter what your leanings we'll give you the gear to cater them.