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Ward's of York is a small company. There's a mere couple of handfuls of staff here. Oh we sell a lot of equipment alright, a lot of sundries and fridges, but we are a small collection of people. Today I shall introduce you (or re-introduce you) to Mr F our electrical engineer.

Mr F is about 30ish and has been an electrical engineer at Ward's for many years. He specialises in Warewashing equipment and is able to diagnose faults over the phone and I have seen him once do it by the description of a smell over the phone.

He has a small workshop in the corner of our new warehouse where he can bring different pieces of equipment for repair and testing. However he mainly operates on-site and is in great demand in and around our home town of York. I have just been into his workshop and he is currently repairing a wall grill, a glasswasher, a dishwasher and a water boiler.