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Riding the Tube

Afternoon all, welcome back to Life at Ward's. It's been a while since our last post. The reasons for this are too numerous and boring to report. We have had a relatively busy time here at Ward's Catering. We had a morning this week... yesterday in fact, that being Monday, where we sold four... count them, FOUR oven ranges before the sandwich van arrived! That's some serious oven range selling I can tell you. However that's beside the point of this post. No THIS post is to announce, proudly, that Ward's Catering now have a presence on youtube! I have posted three videos so far and shall soon post some more. Now I am not going to pretend that this youtubery has proven particularly useful. However, if, for example, a customer rings up and asks about ohhhhhhh I don't know.... Lincat Combination Ovens we can direct them to: this video on our youtube channel, and they'd be able to learn all about them. That, my friend, is progess. I saw some scary statistics the other day about the amount of information produced, communicated and stored in the modern day, the main gist of which was that we are producing, communicating and storing information at an exponentially increasing rate. Ward's Catering can now proudly join the ranks of companies and individuals contributing to this increase!