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Robot Coupe

Part man, part machine, ALL COP... no wait a minute...

Robot Coupe are one of those manufacturers that everyone loves. They are the original and the best when it comes to food processing equipment. They ALWAYS have plenty of stock, they ALWAYS have plenty of spares, their after-sales service is second to none and their equipment is some of the most reliable on the market. Ward's Catering has been selling Robot Coupe since it was Ward's Catering (about 40 years ago). Nearly every kitchen would or does benefit from at least one piece of Robot Coupe equipment.

Do you spend hours preparing and chopping vegetables (or do you pay someone to do so)? Get a Robot Coupe.

Do you spend ages forcing soup through a chinois? Get a Robot Coupe (their automatic sieves will not only do the same job in about two seconds, they will do it much more successfully reducing waste, improving flavour and increasing yield).

Do you serve boring vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Get a Robot Coupe (their ice cream machines will enable you to experiment with your flavours and add a unique element to your menu).

Make fruit coulis? mash potatoes? chop tomatoes? slice strawberrys? GET A ROBOT COUPE! The list of jobs that their equipment can do is almost endless and they will always do it with a uniformity that will make your output look more professional and speed that will help your kitchen run more economically and efficiently.