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Robot Coupe CL50 or CL50 Ultra?

Which of these two brilliant Robot Coupe Vegetable Processors is right for YOUR business

Robot Coupe are the best food processors in the world. FACT. They were the first company ever to attach a knife to an electric motor and put it in a bowl. Since that fateful "eureka" moment they have refined the idea over and over again and constantly led the way. They were the first and they are still the best. However, if you pick the wrong PIECE of Robot Coupe equipment for your needs, you won't see the benefits.

The CL50 and CL50 Ultra Vegetable Processors are two best selling Robot Coupe units. Which one should YOU choose? In order to help you make the right decision I have listed the pros and cons of each machine below:

CL50 There are 3 variants of the standard machine: Single Phase (1-Speed), 3 Phase (1-Speed) and 3 Phase (2-Speed). The third of these variants is slightly more expensive, but the extra speed setting provides more versatility, allowing vegetables to be processed more quickly. The decision to go for the 2-Speed variant may be entirely dependent on whether or not your site has 3-Phase electricity available. The 1-Speed models operate at 375rpm and the 2-Speed model has 375rpm and 750rpm modes.

CL50 Ultra This is essentially the same as the unit above, and comes in the same variants. However it has a stainless steel base and is therefore a more robust and long-lasting piece of equipment. That's it. It has the same motor, same hoppers, same available blades, same functions and everything. It is obviously a more DESIRABLE model due to it's one difference (that being the aforementioned stainless steel base). However, if you're on a budget and you can't afford the extra money for the CL50 Ultra then the CL50 is still a very good machine. In fact it's a Robot Coupe, so it's the best, it's just not as the best as the CL50 Ultra!

Then there's blades... but that's a whole different story.