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Robot Coupe: Dead or alive you're coming with me

So, what else, other than the addition of thousands of pieces of Stainless Steel Fabrication, has been occuring here at Ward's? Well, three of us, Mr R (Partner), Mr F (Electrical Engineer) and Myself (Dogsbody) travelled to The Smoke, The Big City, Old London Town to visit the UK home of Robot Coupe for some training. Our hosts at RC were genial in the extreme. We were put up in Brentford's finest Premier Inn and treated to a slap up dinner at a local gastropub.

The next morning, after a buffet breakfast, we were driven to Robot Coupe HQ and, together with some representatives from other distributors, shown the whole range of Robot Coupe machines. This was entertaining and illuminating and, in some instances, baffling. We saw food processors and vegetable preperation machines. Vertical Cutters, Juicers, Stick Blenders and Automatic Sieves (these were particularly impressive and, if your company makes a lot of soups you SHOULD NOT BE WITHOUT ONE!).

We were provided with a lunch (a lot of which was a direct result of the demonstrations) and then, after some Ice Cream (made in the Robot Coupe G5000) we finished our education and made the long journey back to the wilderness of the North. We'd like to thank everyone at Robot Coupe for their kindness and I have now made it my mission to spread the word od the Automatic Sieve.