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Robot Coupe: Dead or Alive you're coming with me (Part 2)

Yes, we had a fine old time at Robot Coupe. BUT WHAT DID YOU LEARN??? I hear you cry. What can you tell me about Robot Coupe machines that you couldn't have told me last week? Not a lot! The information gleened was mostly applied (by this I mean if you asked me a specific question I would have a better chance of answering it than previously). However I did learn about stick blenders. The biggest selling stick blender is the Dynamic MX91.

This is because it's cheap. However, as is nearly always the case, cheaper is not better. The MX91 is a perfectly good machine. It works, it does what it's supposed to. We sell it for ?224.95 + VAT. The equivalent Robot Coupe Stick blender is the CMP400VV which we sell for ?327.90 + VAT. WAAAIIIIITTTTT A MINUTE! I hear you scream at your monitor in rage and amazement. That's ?102.95 + VAT more expensive, what can the differences be? The Robot Coupe Stick Blenders have a patented removable foot. This means that cleaning the unit is easier and that the unit is MUCH more hygienic. It also makes it a lot easier to replace the blades.

The Robot Coupe Stick Blenders have angled vents (to reduce the possibility of liquids entering the motor). They also have an ergonomically designed handle which has the added benefit of preventing the unit rolling, (off benches for example). The CMP400VV also has variable speed control (enabling you to start the unit slowly and speed it up as the substance being blended becomes finer) In my humble opinion, if I ran a restaurant, the Robot Coupe would be the stick blender I would choose. I thank you!