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Santa Claus is coming to Ward's

We here at Ward's Catering, the UK's leading supplier of commercial and professional catering equipment (in our opinion) are celebrating Christmas by offering a fantastic 6-piece knife set for only 1p to anyone who spends £250 or more on our website!

"Why 1p?" You ask. "Why not free?" You expand. Well, we're not superstitious at Ward's Catering, however, there's no point tempting fate. There are many traditions and superstitions regarding the giving of knives as presents. I have, personally, been forced to accept a payment of one pence when giving a knife as a gift because otherwise "our friendship would be cut."

I quote: 'It was at one time considered bad luck to give a pair of scissors or a knife as a gift because it was feared that the act would "cut" the friendship in half. Therefore, knives were never given as wedding gifts as it was believed they would lead to a broken marriage.' - Source

I also quote: 'Another superstition relates to the giving of knives, scissors or anything else that 'cuts.' It is said to 'cut' the relationship between you and the person you give the gift too. If you ask them to pay a penny then they have bought the gift and the relationship will stay intact.' - Source

And finally I quote: 'A common belief is that if a knife is given as a gift, the relationship of the giver and recipient will be severed. Something such as a small coin, dove or a valuable item is exchanged for the gift, rendering "payment.' - Source (If you want to pay with doves there could be a problem).

There are many other superstitions regarding knives that we wouldn't recommend adhering to, such as: '...a knife placed under the bed while giving birth is said to ease the pain, or, stuck into the headboard of a cradle, to protect the baby.' - Source Try explaining that last part to your Health Visitor on one of their home visits!

Anyway, enough of all this hocus pocus. The bottom line is, if you want a fantastic non-stick-coated, 6-piece knife set (including block) as an extra Christmas gift, then all you have to do is order some commercial catering equipment (or any catering supplies) from and you can have it for 1p. Still a pretty good deal when you consider how hard we've been working all year to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Ward's Catering and we hope to see you again in 2012.