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Slow and not Steady

Hi and welcome back to another edition of Life at Ward's. It's been another very slow day here at Ward's Catering. We are stuggling to keep our eyes open let alone selling any catering equipment or refrigeration.

Oh sure we have sold the odd bit and maybe even kept the wolf from the door, but we are like a tomb compared to a couple of weeks ago. I have to deliver a DF33 Lincat single basket 3kw fryer to Scarborough on my home as well as some spare parts to golf club. My little van is full to bursting with golf clubs and fryers and other stuff and really needs a clean out.

I have also ordered a Lincat BS4W Wet Well Bain Marie for someone but we won't be able to get it here in time for them coming in to collect two 1800mm x 600mm flat pack wall tables, two 1500mm x 600mm flat pack wall tables and a Sharp R21AT microwave. We have all that in stock but not the Lincat piece. Strange. Anyway I am going to close my eyes for the rest of the day and pray for sales. Bye bye.