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So what else...

... have we sold in the last couple of weeks? Well our reign of dominance over the back bar cooler market continues. We are selling bottle fridges like they're going out of fashion.

No sooner do we stock up on DBQ220LBH hinged double door coolers tha we run out of DBQ220LHS sliding double door coolers. It's very difficult to keep up with the rampant demand. However we have so far been lucky and not run out of stock for more than a day or two.

The economically and ecologically friendly Lec bottle coolers are not selling as rapidly as we had first suspected they might. Perhaps the world of catering is not as concerned about running costs and carbon emissions as some other industries at the moment. However with eateries and pubs going out of business in their scores each week the initial increased expenditure, while off-putting, could possibly be worth it for the long-term savings on energy bills. We have also had a few faulty bottle coolers go out, some with fork-lift-truck-shaped holes in them

, some with misty doors and non-functioning fans. This has meant many a long-winded service call, but... it's all part of the service!