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I've been rushed off my feet for the last few days, we all have. It's been one of those weeks here at Ward's. Lots of phone calls, lots of work, little final result. The sort of week we'll all be glad to put behind us. The sort of week where I am so tired I can't focus on the screen. The sort of week where I could literally fall asleep under my desk. That sort of week. You know the sort of week. I have been pining for days of old recently. I think it's the addition of a brand new life into my own that has made me reminisce. I have been looking at old Atari games, Amiga games, thinking about old kids TV and the like. What shall I introduce Master N to and when? What is the optimum age to be shown Star Wars? Jaws? Knightmare? The Tripods? Harry Potter? Where Eagles Dare? Do I introduce him to video games in roughly the same way I was (although over a much shorter timescale)? So a week of Atari 2600, a week of Atari 800XL a fortnight of Amiga games, Playstation, N64 etc etc... Would this educate him and teach to properly appreciate modern technology or just bore him stupid? Are children born into the technology of their time? These are the issues which I have been enjoyably tossing around my own little head for the last few days. BUT WHAT OF CATERING EQUIPMENT? WHAT OF REFRIGERATION? WHAT OF SUNDRIES? What news of such things do I have to offer? Well not a lot. I am researching pricing structures at the moment for manufacturers such as Parry and Lincat so expect movement there soon. Other than that I await the great Infotex Oracle. All Hail the Oracle. More tomorrow.