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Spares and repairs

Hello all and welcome back to another topically relevant edition of Life at Ward's. As you are all aware by now this is the only truly reliable up-to-the-minute source of information about all things catering. Mr R is away on his jollidays at the moment so the office is a bit quieter and, dare i say, more relaxed...nope, I dare not.

We have had a busy couple of days. Mr C invoiced over 30 different companies yesterday with new sales of catering equipment. We sold: a Valera Mandy Low Height Multideck, a Comenda LB215DP Glasswasher, a K338 Aluminium Collander and 4SANDW131 Rowlett Sandwich Toaster along with many many other units. We are selling back bar coolers (or bottle coolers) left, right and centre, averaging over 2 per day which is very nice. However today our work has been mainly dealing with problems.

When you sell as much equipment as it is an unavoidable certainty that some of it will be faulty, damaged or even not what the customer wanted. For example we have had a sailing club tell us that their canopy is too big and can we take it back please, a replacement multideck delivered with exactly the same damage as the original and a replacment bottle cooler with different damage than the original. We have therefore spent a great deal of time in phone chains, customer to us, us to manufacturer's sales department, manufacterer's sales department to their manager, their manager to delivery company, delivery company to their driver (who is stood not 2 yards from our customer at the other end of the chain). That's the business though and we do it as well as anyone else (if not better).