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Special Delivery!

Morning all. Life at Ward's here. Or rather Mr N from Life at Ward's here. Or rather not here, I'm in Northumberland but I have scheduled this post so that you don't miss out. Clever eh? Clever clever clever. Anyway what's been going on? So, as regular readers of L.A.W. may be aware, we have been selling Tojiro Senkou knives like a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar and butter baked and then served hot! We have been shipping them out from our site here in York and everyone has been very happy. Until a nice chap rang up on Friday and said he hadn't received his knife. Da da dahhhhh! "No problem" we said, we sent it recorded delivery we'll track it. Now, when we moved to our shiny new premises on Clifton Moor we decided to get a franking machine. Marvellous it has been. You can send packages and letters large or small and it works out the price and prints a nice little sticker. So we have been printing out recorded delivery stickers, banging them onto our nicely wrapped Tojiro Senkou and shoving them in the post box. Only when this gentleman rang and asked us to track his order did we realise... these weren't recorded... no-one had recorded anything. We had no tracking number or anything. A brief conversation with Royal Mail confirmed our worst suspicions, we had been sending stuff out at the correct price for recorded delivery but they were just going standard parcel class. We are Ward's this is the sort of thing we do! Anyway the chap rang up half an hour later and his Kitchen Knife had arrived. So we've learned a lesson and he's got a nice new knife for Christmas. More tomorrow.