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Special Delivery!

It's another Friday afternoon, it's the end of another working week. What have Ward's got to show for it? Well we've started a big installation in the centre of York so our delivery drivers and engineers have been hard at it.

Two of us here in sales have been answering warranty calls and sales enquiries all morning. The third member came in later on and has helped a little bit. I have been told off because my delivery van is dirty and have therefore washed it until it shines like a new pin (until I drive home and it ends up exactly as it started).

It's been a quiet week, long, quite boring and hot. We have sold the usual bottle coolers and fridges, oven ranges and fryers. We have had the usual last minute rushes to get units labelled up for FedEx to get them our customer's next day.

We have also had a lot of deliveries. That means we must be selling stuff. The more we sell the more stuff arrives in our warehouse. For example I have just assisted in raising several upright fridges to the mezzanine level of the warehouse. They must have come in to replace something.