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Special Report: Tuesday is Newsday

Despite the information-promising headline of this much anticipated entry in Life at Ward's, I have little to report. Mr S is probably the best person to talk to if you want up-to-the-minute news.

Yesterday he asked if we'd all heard about what had been happening in Cockermouth and other parts of Cumbria (headline news throughout the UK for over a week now). He was duly ribbed ("Have you heard that John Lennon has been shot?" "Have you heard about the promising news from the front lines? The axis forces are definately on the back foot!" and so on.) As for catering equipment there's not been a lot to write home about (this being home).

Sold a bunch of stuff, repaired a bunch of other stuff. Fridge sales are slowing down (if you don't count my "Day of a Five Bottle Coolers and One Under-Counter Fridge Sales" coup of last week). Mr G is constantly in the field on site visits quoting for entire kitchens (he came in to the office earlier with his standard wry grin brandishing a drawing a kitchen on 7 feet wide expecting us all to join in his mirth). Other than that, so far, we are having a relaxed start to the week. I have scheduled this blog post for today because I am having a day off for "personal reasons". See y'all.