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Start the week right...

... with a Bacon, egg and sausage sandwich from the van (ran out of bran flakes). I shall go to Tesco for lunch and have a lovely time looking around for storage systems and sandwiches.

Oh hang on... this is Life at Ward's, the outstanding catering equipment, commerical refrigeration and catering sundries log in the United Kingdom, if not Europe, if not the World if not the Solar System, if not The Milky Way if not the Universe if not ALL UNIVERSES! Not to blow one's own trumpet or anything. So surely I should jolly rolly well be writing about bruddy catering equipment, refrigeration or catering sundries.

Shouldn't I? The sharper-eyed, keener of you and the keener-eyed sharper of you will have noticed, IF YOU'VE TAKEN THE BRUDDY TIME TO EVEN LOOK, that I have added "Extra Value Crockery" to the homepage and that it's awesome.

Also I have deleted a few things and added a few things and I am still transferring the new Parry prices from their rubbish spreadsheet to my proper one and ditto for Valera. I have also quoted for a lot of Blue Seal recently. We like Blue Seal here at Ward's but it's getting quite difficult to sell it because their stock seems to be running low. I hope a big bruddy container ship is sailing the high seas as we speak loaded with GE576's and E311's. That'd be sweeeeet. GOODBYE!