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Starting the week

Hello all and welcome back to Ward's Catering after a nive weekend break. I went for a walk along the beach and saw a very nice looking new surfers bar which I may stop at every now and again for a cold one.

I also saw lot's of beach front catering operations and these sorts of small business, selling toasted sandwiches, chips in a basket, chicken nuggets, bugers etc would find the ideal website if they required any new or replacement equipment. We sell everything, or almost everything, that they could possibly need.

Panini Grills, Toasters, Griddles, Grills, Fryers, Sauce Bottles, Napkin Holders et al. So next time your at the beach, or in the park and your kids nag you for some food, and you ignore your better instincts and begrudgingly part with huge amounts of money for a tiny portion of pale chips in a polystyrene tray from a tattooed woman in a filthy apron... there's a good chance that the fryer from whence they came was sold to said tattooed lady by us here at Ward's. Bon Appetit!