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Stopping to smell the daisys

Calling all Life at Ward's readers... good morning. I enjoyed my drive to work this morning, apart from listening to Chris Moyles bang on and on about his "climb" to the top of Kilimanjaro . For "climb" read "walk". Fair enough, he walked upwards, fair enough he walked pretty high, but at no point was he dangling from a rope above a chasm clinging to an ice wall with an axe and crampons. He did have to hop over a couple of boulders. The most difficult thing about the whole caper was obviously the altitude sickness which was probably very hard indeed, so props to the 9 celebrities who made it to the summit (with their entourage of 40 odd people. plus another 50 porters and guides) and obviously all for a very good cause indeed so I am not complaining about it at all. It's just it seems a little... I don't know... cheapened, by his constantly banging on about it. For example, my auntie paid money to walk up kilimanjaro at 50-odd years of age so it can't be THAT difficult can it? She didn't get a bunch of free North Face gear and wasn't preapproved by altitude chamber testing and didn't have a bunch of lackeys getting coffee for her all the way up... enough Mr N you are sounding bitter! The weather today, the temperature, the quality of light and the smell and pressure of the air remind me of summer holidays to a remarkable degree. Hotel balconies and yacht cockpits with cups of coffee and cigarettes (a lot of things remind me of cigarettes at the moment). Car journeys to tourist attractions and ticket booths and the smell of foreign rivers and trees. Unfortunately rather than any of those lovely things I get to look at a website full of catering equipment and refrigeration and I get to change the prices of Chef's Clothing... ah well. Weekend tomorrow.