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So dear readers of Life at Ward's (the most cogent and least coherent account of life in the catering equipment and refrigeration business), what has been happening here? Well let's travel back in time to Tuesday shall we? Before I had even had my first cup of coffee of the day we had (Mr H and I) sold two, THAT'S TWO, Blue Seal G504D 4-Burner Natural Gas Oven Ranges... AND... A Lincat Silverlink 600 ® SLR9 6-Burner Natural Gas Oven Range! Now that is some serious glory for a morning!

Going by the website prices that's a total sale of £3252.50 + VAT. All quality pieces of equipment that should serve their users well for many years. Oh... I'm sorry... perhaps you didn't understand... that was in one hour on a Tuesday morning! That's serious selling people.