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Hello all and welcome back. Fryers and griddles and ice makers and bains marie are all well and good but they are not the bread and butter of our business. We do sell a lot of back bar and kitchen equipment but we also sell a lot of sundries.

Everyone's favourite sundry is a kitchen knife. Small, easy to post, light, shiny and sharp, the ultimate bit of kit. Plus Mr F in the office likes to play a game where he tries to get the point as close as possible to the boss's eye. Chemicals are our least favourite sundries. Dishwasher powder, bleach, descale and rinseaid are all heavy and large and annoying.

Chef's clothing and footware is big business and doesn't have to look as stupid as it used to in the old days. Crockery is deceptively heavy and fragile (as is glassware) and therefore no fun to handle. One of the only times our new Mercedes van has been dangerously close to it's weight limit was on a crockery delivery (we had to break down the pallet and distribute the weight evenly throughout the cargo bay otherwise the rear springs were in danger of collapsing).

Then there are all the other little bits and bobs, whisks, spatulas, potato mashers and peelers, thermometers and scales, pans and baking trays. All of these things we sell and all are classed as sundries.